(though you don't have to get married to order a custom made tie)

HANDMADE     BESPOKE     SUPERIOR QUALITY & DESIGN  Any fabric / Any quantity

Thank you so much! Our custom made neckties were perfect. You helped create our dream wedding.
— Mr. Michael Ericson, June 2017

Lindman New York is known for its excellent customer service. We have earned this reputation by making sure that our clients work with one person who guided you through the process, and who will not give up until you are 100% satisfied.

  • We begin by connecting in person or over the phone.

  • We ask you to describe your wedding's color scheme and style. 

  • We will then use our creativity and knowledge of fabric to develop a few design alternatives for you to consider.  If you wish, we will send you fabric swatches so you can feel the texture.

  • We are able to design and print fabric -- which makes it possible for us to personalize the tie with, for example, your initials, logo, or date, etc. 

  • Once we are in agreement, we will make you and/or your wedding party a one of a kind tie that will perfectly fit your wedding as well as your body.

  • We are happy to help you decide the length and width of the tie as well as the appropriate knot.  

The price for our custom made ties varies depending on how many you need and whether you need us to design and print a new fabric or use an existing one.

We also provide pocket squares. 

All of our neckties are hand-made in New York City. 

Please note that we have a 100% money back guarantee.  

Feel free to call us at 917 364 6675. Or email:

As for your handmade ties…the best man and groomsman absolutely loved them. I got several “wows” with my tie and that’s what I was looking for on such a momentous day.
— Roger Hernandez, Napa Valley wedding

 Napa Valley Wedding

Napa Valley Wedding

 Custom made fabric and necktie for a Martha's Vineyard wedding

Custom made fabric and necktie for a Martha's Vineyard wedding

 Scott and Mary arriving at the reception. 

Scott and Mary arriving at the reception.